About Evelyn

cropped-image_1360473827663381-1.jpgI am a freelance writer and former elementary teacher. I spent several years as a stay-at-home mom. Now I am home once again tutoring my grandson after school, so that makes me a part-time stay-at-home grandma. During the day I work on my writing and speaking career while taking breaks to pet my doddering dachshund, Penny.

I have been published in Clubhouse and Clubhouse Jr., Christian magazines for kids produced by Focus on the Family. I am also working on some picture book ideas, and hope to do more in the Christian and secular markets for children. Before becoming a published author, I wrote a lot of puppet scripts and short dramas for my church, and I recently updated some Kids’ Church curriculum.

In addition, I share my writing experiences with students whenever I have the opportunity. I still consider myself a teacher, but my classroom has changed. Now I address kids as a published author, and teach them how I became one.

I recently completed a ghostwriting project, writing the memoirs of a lovely lady. Working on the project has inspired me to work on my own family’s story, so I am a novice genealogist too.

Words are my passion, and I enjoy the company of people with the same passion. In 2011 I helped start a chapter of Word Weavers, a Christian critique group for writers. Presently I serve as the President of the Word Weavers Space Coast chapter which meets once a month for fellowship, support, and critique.

I love to study God’s word, and in 2012 I completed a Bachelor’s in Theology at East Coast Christian University. On Sundays, I attend church and serve in Kids’ Church for first through fourth graders.

In my spare time, I love scrapbooking and other crafts. I am just past the beginner stage in knitting and crocheting, but I used to be a pretty good seamstress when my kids were growing up. I have learned a little about herbs, but I’m not great at gardening. My husband and I are venturing into the green smoothie territory, taking steps to eat healthier.

I love to read almost anything. I read a lot of Christian non-fiction, and books on writing, but I like to be entertained with good fiction as well, especially historical fiction.


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