Day 27 Something’s Gotta Give

This weekend has been draining, both physically and emotionally. Months ago I planned to attend a writers’ retreat this weekend. With a death in the family, I altered my plans. It worked out for me to go to the retreat for the first night. My husband drove separately and we met up Saturday morning to drive together to our great niece’s funeral. After spending several hours with the family, hubby and I drove back to Gainesville where we spent the night.

This morning I traveled back to the writers’ retreat and he drove home. I haven’t done this much driving in a long time. I feel like I’ve been all over north Florida. I am exhausted.

I planned to write several posts ahead for my 31 Days of Family Joy, but I couldn’t get them all done before I left. I’m only checking in tonight to say that something’s gotta give. We made it through a rough weekend, and I need some rest. Tomorrow I will post part two of the story I wrote a couple of days ago about my brother and the Billy Bob teeth he gave my son.


2 thoughts on “Day 27 Something’s Gotta Give

  1. When “Something’s Gotta Give”….just make sure it’s not you, Evelyn!! Goals are good if they enhance us…..not burden us. Take good care of yourself. Your writing skills and messages aren’t going to disappear while you rest! Love you!! Jeanne

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