31 Days of Family Joy

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Day 1 Faith + Family = Fun

“Are you in your sevens or your eights?” My grandson, Caleb asked me this question a few years ago. I answered, “I’m in my fives. Actually, I’ll be double nickels soon.” He wasn’t old enough to understand, but it made me smile. Another time he asked me if I was old. I told him no, but I thought it was funny he wasn’t sure.

I don’t mind being in my fives. In fact, it’s the best time of my life. My kids are grown and I enjoy being a grandparent. The most cherished things in my life are not things; they’re people. It’s always been that way. Our home runs on this mathematical equation: Faith + Family = FUN. I invite you on my journey over the next 30 days as I write about those three F’s.

Before I get started, let me tell you a little about myself. I’m a stay-at-home grandma and a freelance writer. Or you could say I’m a stay-at-home writer and a freelance grandma. I don’t get paid for the latter, but the rewards are priceless. I influence the next generation every day, and I want to share my stories. There will be many funny stories, but there are sad parts of any family’s journey, too. How we deal with all aspects of life will leave its mark on our children and grandchildren. I choose joy, so I’m titling the series, “31 Days of Family Joy.”

Will you join me? There’s a place for everyone, whether you’re in your fives, sevens or eights, or any number for that matter. Smiles, laughter, and comments are welcomed here.

Day 2  A Firm Foundation

Day 3 Building Your Fort